Characteristics of renaissance clothing women and what it meant to dress in those fashions

Published: 25th October 2010
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The renaissance clothing for women has big puffs on the heads and arms and small puffs on the thighs. The costumes in that era were mainly in dark and wealthy colours. The women also wore head accessories reminiscent of hats, crowns and veils. Belts were additionally worn to complete the whole look. In earlier days these garments were very costly and the folks then never made simple and cheap clothes. The renaissance clothing for women was made of usually black velvet. The men's renaissance clothing was fabricated from white linen which was used for wrist ruffles and collars. The hairstyles that women made had been usually the bonnet types and sometime curled with hair falling over the cheeks.

The renaissance clothing for women was characterised by expensive supplies and materials, wealthy and affluent clothes, tight clothes, excessive heeled shoes and stalkings. The clothing included underskirts, skirts, corsets, robes, collars and hoops. The clothes was considered an investment as during those instances there weren't many choices for investments not like today. The work done on the clothes was of sequins, pearls, ribbons and golden and silver thread. The dresses had funnel sleeves wherein the sleeves would begin big and would tighten slowly towards the cuff. Like men that they had a low topped hat. Their hair was also performed up intricately or sometimes they just used a handkerchief. The materials chosen have been usually essentially the most troublesome to supply which made the clothes unique and expensive. The costlier the clothes, it showed how rich the individual or family was. It was almost like a standing symbol. The clothing gave the lady a very trendy and stylish look. It seemed elegant and unfold a special form of aura about her. The clothes almost modifications your personality. Even then there were completely different kinds available and ladies preferred making clothes totally different from others as all of them wished to face out and be unique in their dressing.

Cornelius J. Justino

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